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Yahoo has evidently been rummaging through its closet looking for stuff it can sell off, especially now that it’s decided it’s a consumer company and will put $100 million into promoting that image starting Tuesday. Anyway, that business construction reportedly means it doesn’t need Zimbra and its online, cross-platform Collaboration Suite, the open source-cum-commercial e-mail-shared calendar-instant messaging-and-document authoring widgetry it paid $350 million for it almost exactly two years ago. It’s been peddling the thing around, according to Boomtown’s Kara Swisher, the Yahoo familiar. Yahoo’s reportedly not harboring any delusions that it’ll get anywhere near what it paid for the thing. Swisher thinks it could go to rival Google or maybe Comcast, a Zimbra client, or maybe a private equity firm, maybe even Redpoint Ventures, one of Zimbra’s original investors... (more)

Resara Brings Greater Adoption of Samba4 with Resara Server 1.1

On January 15th, 2012, Resara LLC released the much awaited 1.1 version of Resara Server - the hassle-free Linux domain controller based on Samba4. This is the biggest release since 1.0 was launched in March of 2011, and offers features like multi-server replication and load-balancing, dynamic DNS updates, a new installable ISO, and many other new features and refinements. This release makes Resara Server even easier to install and manage, and a great fit for small businesses, chain offices, and large corporations. Resara began development on Resara Server in late 2010 to create a practical Linux domain controller as an alternative to Microsoft Active Directory or Novell. “We didn’t set out to create yet another Linux server, or a new spin on Webmin” says Warren Luebkeman, CEO of Resara LLC, “Resara Server is easy-to-use, and has the functionality to make it a real a... (more)

Application Performance Management Done Right

What is Application Performance Management (APM)? Like a lot of good questions, it depends on your business needs.  What is the goal of an ideal APM?  Does it mean 99.999% availability?  Perhaps it is a favorable overall end user experience when using the application but, as compared to what? My point is that Application Performance Management / Monitoring means different things to different businesses and it can even depend on the application involved. What is the Goal of APM “Begin with the goal in mind.” I wish I could take credit for that quote.  What is the goal of the APM? Have you listed out the objectives you hope to obtain from your APM strategy?  This approach will help your team ensure satisfaction with the final solution chosen.  Here are some examples. Minimum of 99.999% availability with lower Mean Time To Know (MTTK) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) Less ... (more)

Nortel Government Solutions Becomes Voice Mobility's Master Distributor in Federal Markets

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- (Marketwire) -- 06/10/09 -- Voice Mobility International, Inc. (TSX: VMY)(OTCBB: VMII)(FRANKFURT: VMY), a Nevada-based developer and provider of carrier and enterprise unified communication solutions, and Nortel Government Solutions Inc. (NGS) today announced an agreement to act as Voice Mobility's master distributor for the U.S. Federal Government market. NGS, a U.S. company wholly owned by Nortel and based in Fairfax, Virginia, provides products and services to all Federal agencies. Valued at over $1 million, NGS received its first Voice Mobility order from one of its largest DC area resellers. This Voice Mobility Vmerge solution provides a unified communications platform with 800 ports and service to more than 20,000 users. It replaces the customer's existing Octel voice-messaging platform and a business essential group alert system for emerge... (more)

Adaptec lance des mises à jour de la famille d'adaptateurs de bus hôte (HBA) de série 1 Unified Serial(R)

MILPITAS, Californie, February 18 /PRNewswire/ -- QUI : Adaptec, Inc. (Nasdaq : ADPT) QUOI : Adaptec, le leader mondial dans le domaine de l'innovation E/S, a annoncé aujourd'hui des mises à jour pour sa famille d'adaptateurs de bus hôte (HBA) de série 1 Unified Serial. Les deux cartes << Low Prophile >> de la famille (Adaptec 1405, munies de quatre ports internes, et Adaptec 1045, munies de quatre ports externes) incluent maintenant des pilotes Linux open source pour les noyaux à partir de 2.6.24, et integrés dans le noyau Linux à partir du noyau 2.6.33. Elles contiennent également des pilotes entièrement certifiés WHLQ qui prennent en charge Windows 7 et Windows 2008 Server R2. De plus, Adaptec a ajouté des systèmes d'entrée/sortie de base (BIOS) pour un démarrage rapide afin de réduire le temps nécessaire au contrôleur pour rechercher les dispositifs et démarrer... (more)

Android- and iOS-Powered Smartphones Expand Their Share of the Market in the First Quarter, According to IDC

Smartphones powered by the Android and iOS mobile operating systems accounted for more than eight out of ten smartphones shipped in the first quarter of 2012 (1Q12). According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, the mobile operating systems held shares of 59.0% and 23.0% respectively of the 152.3 million smartphones shipped in 1Q12. During the first quarter of 2011, the two operating systems held a combined share of 54.4%. The share gains mean that Android and iOS have successfully distanced themselves from previous market leaders Symbian and BlackBerry, as well as Linux and Windows Phone 7/Windows Mobile. "The popularity of Android and iOS stems from a combination of factors that the competition has struggled to keep up with," said Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst with IDC's Mobile Phone Technology and Trends pr... (more)

Parasoft Extends C and C++ Embedded Testing Support for Green Hills Software MULTI IDE

MONROVIA, CA and SANTA BARBARA, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 06/05/12 -- Parasoft Corporation, leader in helping organizations define and deliver defect-free software efficiently, and Green Hills Software, the worldwide leader in high assurance operating systems, announced today that Parasoft C/C++test, the industry's most comprehensive testing solution for C and C++ development, now supports additional Green Hills Software MULTI® environments. The latest release extends C/C++test's integrated testing capabilities to embedded software engineers working with Green Hills MULTI compilers for V800, V850, and Linux x86 native. Green Hills MULTI users gain easy access to Parasoft's broad spectrum of embedded testing capabilities, including: Static analysis Peer code review Unit and component testing (host, target, simulator) Coverage analysis Runtime error detection Requirements ... (more)

Locution Systems, Inc. Introduces New Linux Version of Its Fire Station Alerting System Station Software

GOLDEN, CO -- (Marketwired) -- 10/29/13 -- Locution Systems, Inc. (, the provider of the PrimeAlert™ Fire Station Alerting (FSA) System for fire and EMS departments, today introduced a Linux version of its fire station alerting system. In bringing a Linux version of the Locution Fire Station Alerting System to market, Locution Systems now offers its customers two options for the operating system of its fire station alerting system station appliances: Windows (the original operating system) and the new Linux version. The Linux version of the Locution Fire Station Alerting System is available immediately. In simple terms, Linux is an open source operating system based on the Unix operating system which is known for its power, performance, and inherent security advantages. As a result of these advantages, it has rapidly developed as a popular operatin... (more)

After Ubuntu, Windows Looks Increasingly Bad, Increasingly Archaic, Increasingly Unfriendly

My recent switch to a single-boot Ubuntu setup on my Thinkpad T60 simply floors me on a regular basis. Most recently it's had to do with the experience of maintaining the software. Fresh from a very long Windows 2000 experience and a four-month Windows XP experience along with a long-time Linux sys admin role puts me in a great position to assess Ubuntu. Three prior attempts over the years at using Linux as my daily desktop OS had me primed for failure. Well, Ubuntu takes Linux where I've long hoped it would go - easy to use, reliable, dependable, great applications too but more on that later. It has some elegance to it - bet you never heard that about a Linux desktop before. There are many night-and-day differences between Windows and Ubuntu and, for a guy that does 80% standard office tasks and the rest of the time I'm doing Linux admin tasks, it was nearly all i... (more)

Dual Booting Linux on a Mac

What happens when you turn a perfectly good Apple PowerBook into a tri-boot system with Mac OS X, Yellow Dog Linux, and Ubuntu Linux? Read on to find out. Mac OS X is built of two components: Darwin, the BSD-based Unix underpinnings, and Aqua, the beautiful graphical user interface we Mac heads have all grown to love. However, there are other operating systems and other work environments that can be installed on an Apple system, based on popular open source Linux applications. If you're looking for Intel-based versions of Linux, there are dozens and dozens, but the PowerPC chip cuts those options down quite a bit. I decided it'd be interesting to install the most popular Linux for PowerPC - Yellow Dog 4.0 - and an up-and-coming Debian-based Linux distro that's getting quite a bit of buzz in the community: Ubuntu Linux. Unlike Microsoft's VirtualPC application, thes... (more)

Product Review — Running Windows on Linux

Regardless of how fast, stable, and geek-chic desktop GNU/Linux has become, we still live in a Windows world. Many vendors, either through lack of vision or funding, will produce only a Windows version of their software or drivers. If you're a gadget geek like me, you likely end up in the same old quandary of "I want that gadget, but it only has Windows drivers." If you're even more like me, you'll elect not to take the high road and search for ways to run that bad boy on your desktop GNU/Linux box. There are a handful of products that will enable Windows applications to run on GNU/Linux, all with varying degrees of success. Regardless of which products are on the market, they'll fall into two categories: those that require you to have a licensed copy of Windows, and those that don't. Win4Lin and VMware fit into the first category, which I affectionately call "virtua... (more)